About Us

We are artists, we are people, and like you, we do many things.
We play, we commute, we work, we study, we learn and we teach. We drink coffee and read books. We like music, fashion, and culture. We like to feel that we’re contributing to something Bigger. And, we know there is always room for improvement. We intellectualize, hypothesize, strategize. In all this, our framework is listening, loving, collaborating, growing. We are Bigger Creative and we are your next creative team.


Everything In New York Is Bigger

A Creative Agency Is Only As Good As Their Creatives...And That Is Why We Are Bigger! Bigger Creativity, Bigger Passion & Bigger Talent. 


Meet Your Next Creative Team


Brian Anthony | Creative Director & Owner

Brian Anthony is a skilled and versatile designer who specializes in branding throught print, digital and web design. A New York City native and Brooklyn resident, he draws daily inspiration from the diverse sights, smells, and sounds of the city. He first fell in love with graphic design while studying at St. John's University in Queens. Brian was a featured artist at The Opening Night Gala for The NY Film Festival at Madison Square Garden, where his designs, along with his charcoal and pencil sketches, were displayed. Brian's work has recently been featured in multiple social media outlets for major consumer brands, including CES [Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas], NYFW [New York Fashion Week] & The USA Today. Brian brings real world experience with several prestigious PR firms including Devries Global, Alison Brod PR, H+K Strategies, and Havas PR. Known for his strong, bold designs, Brian Anthony appreciates refinement but prefers to make a statement.


Tamara Irene | Research & Bookkeeper

Tamara is a skilled professional who excelled in Analytics in her most recent tenure at Teachers College, Columbia University. Born in Merrillville Indiana she appreciated living in a small town and currently lives blissfully in Brooklyn, New York. Keeping the pace with industry trends she monitors and evaluates consumer trends, search performance, and search results. Incorporating her keen attention to detail and understanding the benefits of integrating amazing graphics and keyword research for marketing content, she has effectively managed the research & analytics for the agency’s clientele.


Karen Livecchia | Content Creator & Copy Editor

Karen is an experienced creative and development editor based in New York City. I enjoy working with content creators of all kinds on different kinds of projects. She loves looking for ways to use her publishing expertise to help to bring out the best in their work. She also an experienced academic mentor and a writing skills tutor affiliated the the PEN American Center in New York.  In her free time, Karen enjoys volunteering in the galleries at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.


Lisa Bess | Content Creator & Copy Editor

As a creative writer, copywriter, and dynamic book editor, Lisa applies the skills learned during my MFA training and teaching—to pay attention to the tangible, sensory details in everyday life—to every book project she undertakes, from editing others’ work to writing her own, and really, to everything Lisa writes—short or long form. She grew up on a working farm just outside of Cleveland, Ohio. They raised Hereford cattle, hens, pigs, and horses, baled their own hay and harvested our feed corn. They had a big lake where they fished bass and blue gill. The remote, quiet sounds of the bullfrogs at night and our farm animals in their various locations, the echoes of our voices from summer micro baseball games in the front yard at sunset… all of these things play into who Lisa is, and what she does. Lisa is managing editor of, and her company edits books for Macmillan, Oxford University Press, Cognella, and individual authors.


Richard Joseph | Videographer

Richard is an independent filmmaker and screenwriter from Brooklyn, New York. He started out acting in small roles in student films at NYU and Brooklyn College.  Whilst acting in those films, Richard’s passion for filmmaking was ignited. He began his journey towards being a filmmaker by writing scripts and taking filmmaking courses and workshops.

Richard has studied with Richard Kline (three’s company) and Independent filmmaker Ela Thier. He has acted and filmed with amazing Independent filmmakers such as Emmanuel Adinde, Evan Watson and Mike Brown. Richard’s major influences are Spike Lee, Jim Jarmusch, Akira Kurosawa, Martin Scorsese and Stanley Kubrick.

Richard’s goal is to use the visual storytelling platform as way to give a fresh prospective on cultural relevant stories.


Jason Hall | Photographer

Jason is an in-demand event and headshot photographer based in NYC. He has spent years building relationships with some of the top PR firms in New York having worked in-house and as a freelancer for irms like Edelman, Hill+Knowlton, Havas and DeVries Global among others. He specializes in providing top quality still images and video content on a budget. Every event is a story and Jason is an expert at understanding the story his clients are trying to tell. He creates content that encapsulates the feel, mood and action in the room. He captures moments that showcase the detailed little touches that make your event unique, while emphasizing the impact on attendees and their over-all engagement.


Jack Marcin | Musician & Composer

Jack Marcin holds a Masters of Arts in classical guitar performance and composition. Having performed in Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Poland, Austria, and New York City his talents encompass a variety of playing styles ranging from and not limited to Classical, Bachata, Mambo, Salsa, Gypsy Jazz, Metal, Blues, and Rock.

Having performed as a soloist with the Hunter College Symphony twice, Jack has also performed at Lincoln center Out of Doors. As a composer his music was performed by the Hunter College Pocket Opera, the Hunter College Symphony, Orchestra Mandolinistica di Lugano in Switzerland and Italy, and by The F-Tones.

A skilled musician, guitarist, bongo player and percussionist, Jack Marcin’s current performing endeavors include playing and composing music with his duo The F-Tones. Performing as one of the buskers as part of the Music Under New York program, Playing with the Brooklyn College Big Band with Latin Grammy Award winner Arturo O’Farrill. Playing with Grupo Aurora. In the past he has regularly performed with the Magnet Theatre musical improv band. Playing with Manny’s Boogaloo Crew (aka la Cadencia). Playing with Jazz pianist John Lander.

His ever-expanding musical repertoire is a reflection of his strong desire to continue playing, creating, and working with a variety of musicians from all over the world.