The Mobile Invasion Has Begun

A Designer’s Experiment With Going Completely Mobile


Since November of 2015 I have been infatuated with the iPad Pro and the ability to become untethered to a desktop computer. During my first iPad Pro posting, Seven Ways The iPad Pro is Making Me a More Efficient Designer, I discovered that although it was helpful the iPad Pro wasn’t a complete replacement to a dedicated desktop or laptop. That didn’t stop me from using it for tons of projects, but I longed for the day when I could leave my home studio and not have to worry about my hardware. The announcement of the new iPad Pro and the upgrade to iOS had me curious if this was finally the time I had been dreaming of. What started as a simple review for iOS 11 turned into something of an experiment to really see how much work it could handle. Bigger Creative decided to announce the Mobile Invasion Experiment last Wednesday, September, 27, 2017. It would feature a different blog post featuring a different aspect of the mobile working experience.

The schedule for the next week is as follows:

  • Monday: Tools of The Trade: 11 Valuable Tools For Any Mobile Office
  • Tuesday: The Future of iOS is Now: Complete iOS 11 Review
  • Wednesday: Making the Most of The Hardware: Software Worth Paying Attention To
  • Thursday: Time to Work: This Week’s Design Process
  • Friday: Designer Diary: Remote Edition
  • Saturday: The Chat: Mobile Invasion Edition


With technology changing and expanding the way we work, it’s a topic that has been growing in popularity in the last few years. This is one business owner’s experience with going completely mobile. Let the invasion begin.