Introducing Blogging Made Bigger


One of the first things Bigger Creative Agency wanted to do when their site went live was to have a blog page. Someplace to show what the agency was up to, tips, reviews, and opinion pieces. The only problem was keeping up with the posts. Even though they were getting great traction, the blog focused mainly on lists. Creative Director Brian Anthony came up with a plan to hold the agency accountable as well as offer their clients and fans more diversity. The blog is now called Bigger Design Blog and is separated into six key sections:


Designer Diary:

The Designer Diary is an inside look at the day-to-day of being a designer and entrepreneur. Owning your own business is hectic and can be filled with some exciting times as well as some stressful times. This is an inside look to the experiences Creative Director, Brian Anthony, encounters during the never-ending work weeks.

Bigger Lists:

One of the first types of stories created in the blog were listacles, and that isn’t going to change. These lists help other designers and business owners see some of the best and worst of any given topic in order to make educated decisions.

The Chat:

The best part of the job is meeting amazing creatives. The Chat is an intimate discussion Brian Anthony has with creatives and visionaries sharing experiences and insights they have gained over the years.

Bigger Reviews:

This is where the reviews live. All types of reviews on tech, book, movie, shows, apps, programs, and working locations. If it can be reviewed, you can find it here.

The Process:

The portfolio section is filled with several finished pieces, but that is just the last part of the journey. Posts in The Process give you an in depth look at the creative process and take you from project conception to completion.

Bigger View:

This is the random story and opinion piece section of the blog. Answering questions people may have or discussing the most recent rebranding. It’s Bigger’s creative view on major rebranding, processes, and news of industry.


With these six new sections the agency feels that there will be more diverse stories and a variety of the types of posts as well.  You can also find Bigger Design Blog on Apple News so you can stay up to date with all the new stories and blog posts. Let us know your thoughts on the new blog in the comments below.