It's A Party

Apple Live Stream Twitter Party set for Tuesday


September is here and we are starting to see signs that the fall will be upon us soon. From kids going back to school, the pumpkin spice latte invasion, and iPhone season, this year is no different. As a designer, technology is a key part of my profession, and staying up-to-date with my favorite technology company is always an exciting time. I usually stream the event live to my living room TV and clear my work schedule to fully devote my attention to every announcement. I decided to change my fanboy celebration by talking to other designers and Apple fans about the high and low points of the event during an Apple Live Stream Twitter Party.


On August 31 Apple confirmed the event with the release of the official event invite. Most years the tech world starts dissecting clues hidden within the invitation. This year the clue was a bit lacking, and I have yet to see an analysis of the design. That may be because this year could be different, radically different.


What Makes This Year Different


Apple Park

Let's start with the most obvious, this will be the first announcement from Apple's new digs: Apple Park. The event will take place in the appropriately named Steve Jobs Theater. It would be the public's first glimpse inside the new compound, other than a few drone videos that have landed on YouTube. The theater will be Apple's new venue for company announcements, and it will be center stage on Tuesday. Apple's architectural choices are impressive and sometimes surprising. The theater will be on display, but it will have to share the attention with everything else.



The New iPhones

The main reason everyone will embark on The Steve Jobs Theater is for Tuesday's star of the show, the iPhone. It has been ten years since the original iPhone was released and this year is supposed to have a phone design worth celebrating. Rumors include a full screen bezel-less design, wireless charging, facial recognition and more. It's also been said that there will be three models and a new color. Of course take all rumors with a grain of salt. One thing that is definite is a new iPhone will be announced with the new iOS 11.



The Apple Watch

Last year Apple introduced Series 2 of the Apple Watch. This year could see another update with a few more features. Of course there will be more watch bands and updates to watchOS. There is also a rumor of a new iPhone color, so a new update to the watch colors would make sense.



Apple TV

The Apple TV has felt like the black sheep of the family. A few years ago they introduced tvOS showing the platform more attention with software development and updates. Back in June Apple held it's annual WWDC event and barely said a word about tvOS. Apple has been making a lot of moves in the entertainment space lately, so it is possible for an expanded announcement on Tuesday. If not that may indicate an October event is imminent. Rumors are it will be able to offer 4K content and with additions from tvOS it could be a worthy upgrade if you have a 4K set. 



Other Announcements

Apple has been busy the past few years. There was 2015's Apple Pencil announcement, last year's AirPod, and this June's HomePod introduction. Any of these items could get mentions at Tuesday's event. We will discuss all of this as well as what is actually announced at the Apple Live Stream Twitter Party. All will be revealed on Tuesday.


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