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The Mobile Invasion Has Begun

Since November of 2015 I have been infatuated with the iPad Pro and the ability to become untethered to a desktop computer. During my first iPad Pro posting, Seven Ways The iPad Pro is Making Me a More Efficient Designer, I discovered that although it was helpful the iPad Pro wasn’t a complete replacement to a dedicated desktop or laptop.

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Introducing Blogging Made Bigger

One of the first things Bigger Creative Agency wanted to do when their site went live was to have a blog page. Someplace to show what the agency was up to, tips, reviews, and opinion pieces. The only problem was keeping up with the posts. Even though they were getting great traction, the blog focused mainly on lists. Creative Director Brian Anthony came up with a plan to hold the agency accountable as well as offer their clients and fans more diversity. The blog is now called Bigger Design Blog and is separated into six key sections:

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