Designer Diary: June 1-June9

The Beginning of Something New

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

I have been really testing out this new app and I must say that it is a great experience so far. My main thought here is to reflect on my day and the projects I have worked on and use this as a log of my work experiences and events I encounter as a graphic designer and business owner. It is something new I am starting to implement into my business blog. An introspective look at the inner working of the agency along with some day to day activities.

As for today it was in interesting one. It started with. One of my larger clients needing a video.Then after taking a nice walk with my wife and son, I was back at it. Working on finalizing a clients website, finalizing some sell sheets for another client, making some edits on a brochure for a local BID, and now I am taking a break before I make a #coffee and get into some market #research for a client meeting tomorrow. Finally I will get to a few #logo designs and if I have enough time I will work on the business #website a bit more. Finally I am taking a look at my robust collection of books and wondering what book I will start to set up my first review blog post.

I am really ramping up more marketing through social media, blogging, live videos, and planning a studio intro video as well. I feel these are great ways to expose people to our agency and what we are about. This is one of the main reasons I started this journal. I would like people to get to know me a bit more and feel comfortable with who I am so when we decide to work with each other, they have an idea of what my thought process is in terms of design. This has been a great first #entry so here is to something #new.


Crazy Days are Becoming The Norm!

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Every Thursday I meet with a group of small business owners. The big dilemma this morning was I didn't get to bed until 5:30 this morning and I need to be out of the house by 8:40 am the latest. I fell back asleep after my alarm went off and I wound up waking up at 8:20. Luckily I made it out the door by 8:43, and on my way there I found out I had to sit in for the Vice President as well. The meeting is about an hour and a half then I really start my #business day. I am working with a client in San Francisco to launch his site, completed a logo design for doctors office and went over some of the key selling points for a meeting at 3:00 PM.

Around 2:05 I headed to my client meeting to go over market research. My client loved the information and now we are moving towards the logo phase of her branding project. Work has been picking up and I can't complain. I am actually going to get some sleep finally. Here is to Friday!


What a Difference Some Sleep Makes

Friday, June  2, 2017

After a few days of some late nights and long work hours. I took off early Thursday night, if you consider 1;00 AM early, to get some sleep and finally relax. I caught up on a few hours that I lost over the last few days. Up at a normal time I am getting to some projects early and hopefully will be finishing a bulk of the new website edits. I'm hoping if I have the energy to work throughout the day on Friday and into early Saturday morning to get a bulk of the work done. I hope to launch a majority of the site on Monday, but I guess I will see how that goes being I have said I wanted to launch version 2.0 Since Feb.


Lunchtime Podcast Inspiration

Friday, June 2, 2017

I found sometime during my day while I was working on some client projects to tackle some #podcasts I haven't been able to get to. One of my favorites is Mark Des Cotes and the Resourceful Designer. I will probably get to The Deep End Podcast and Overshare by Working not Working. I love a calm #Friday afternoon after a crazy week.


Right Back At It...

Saturday-Tuesday, June 3-6, 2017

Good Evening and after taking a few days off from writing I figured it was time for a recap as to what has been going on. I had a great #weekend with my wife and son taking a long walk on a beautiful New York #Saturday, and relaxed during a rainy Sunday.

With the weekend ending I worked on the website a bit #Sunday evening and finished another page. Monday I finished a few projects, but the spotlight of the day went to #Apple's #WWDC keynote. A preview of watchOS 3, macOS High Sierra, and iOS 11 along with announcements of new #MacBooks and #iMacs. As well as a sneak peak at the all #new iMac #Pro and the #HomePod, #ai home speaker.

The remaining evening I read some more Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook from @GaryVaynerchuk. I met #Tuesday Morning with a group of #Brooklyn business owners for our monthly #bookclub where we went over the book and our #socialmedia activities. The meeting went really well, and after that I met with a colleague about possibly managing social media for their business. The evening was spent in traffic as I was picking up family members from LaGuardia Airport during #NYC Rush hour. Needless to say it has been a really busy week. Here is to my two hours of #sleep then doing it all again!


A Humpday Blur

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

The day started out pretty normal finishing a project from the evening before. I then went on a walk with my sisters and wife grabbed a coffee and headed back to the studio for some more work. Sitting down around 1pm. Before I knew it it was already the evening. When you enjoy what your're doing time seems to fly by.


Just Another Day

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Thursday is one of those days that can either be reliably steady or dreadfully dead. Luckily today was a steady work day, and as June seems to be picking up nicely. I finished a few edits for my client Centre Technologies in Houston Texas, Edited some logo designs for a new medical clinic in Brooklyn, and finally worked on my Houston client's freelance business Marketing Plan template design. I took the evening off to spend some time with the wife and son, and finally back at it writing a bunch of blogs and news articles before I get back to the computer to work on the last few legs of the website.

I am hoping my ultimate goal will be to have a #huge #TransformationTuesday reveal of website revision, ver 2.0. I have a lot of different ideas for the evolution of my blog to keep things #fresh and new. #Listacles, #Reviews, #Opinion pieces, and even this #Diary will all be a part of the new expanded Blog Bigger Design Blog, which I think we will be changing the name possibly. Besides that I am also coming up with a budgeting plan for an #October Trip to #LasVegas for the #Adobe #Max design #conference . It would be our first time attending and I couldn't think of a better place for a #getaway Here is to an #all-nighter!


Decks, Decks, Decks

Friday, June 9, 2017

To finish out the week and the first full week of my journal entry. Unfortunately I didn't make it last night, but plan to stay up today to work on the #website and finish a few more #blog posts one in particular about the top ten tools I want for a studio upgrade, a lot of which are rom #Apple's #WWDC which occurred earlier this week. #Coffee is also on deck tonight to help me get through my #all-nighter.

In terms of this #Friday I was working on a lot of #decks , presentation designs, for both my clients in #Houston as well as #LosAngeles. Beyond that the day was a bit slow and tamed. I took advantage of the beautiful weather and took a walk, watched the basketball game, and now I am back to working on content. Seems like a good spot to sign out.


Brian Anthony is the Creative Designer at Bigger Creative Agency. A comic book nerd who loves everything about design and technology. Born and raised in Brooklyn, like most New Yorkers, he isn't afraid to speak his mind. Brian is an outgoing designer who has had his work featured in USA Today, New York Fashion Week, and CES. He finds inspiration in everything and loves to throw on any tune and get to work.